ITRRODDD has a program of support schemes by which assistance can be rendered to the Institute.


The Institute for training, Relief, Rehabilitation of Disabled, Distressed, Disinherited Children (ITRRODDD), a non-profit voluntary organization took up the cudgels to provide succour to special children, destitute and orphans.

The effort-the outcome of a single individual, Mr. Madhukar Reddy’s determination to make a difference however small, in the lives of these special children-found the approval of many a kindred soul. They came from all walks of life. Literature, business, finance, education, social service… People who recognized that charity and infrequent expressions of compassion were not what these children required; but a continuing involvement by way of helping them realize their innate talents, training them in vocational skills to make them self-reliant adults and taking the burden of day-to-day living off their slender shoulders.

ITRRODDD made a small but determined beginning in 1995, with sunethra school for the Blind Today, the School has been recognized as one of the few that have made a studied, Scientific Endeavour towards providing a meaningful existence to the less privileged.

In an effort to extend the ambit of its expertise and help, the Institute hold regular Community based Rehabilitation Programs in rural areas of the State. As Part of these programs the Institute, represented by a counselor, a clinical psychologist, a physiotherapist and a social worker identifies children with mental retardation. Home-based training is them imparted to parents of these special children in the areas of extending physical and mental support to them.

Started with two children in peddamberpet Village, Hayathnagar, Hydereabad, Sunetra, today, is home to 148 children . The School provides free education, medical aid, clothing, board and lodging to the inmates. Special people, special education , special facilities… the synergy of them all has made the school one of the best of its kind in the State.

•  Land area of half acre
•  Built-up area of 280000 sft
•  On-campus classrooms from Nursery to X classes
•  Hostel on campus with separate dormitories for girls and boys
•  Living quarters for on-campus staff
•  Doctor’s Consulting room
•  Sick bay
•  Dining hall & Kitchen
•  Entertainment zone with Television, Radio and Games
•  Language labs etc.,

The day-to-day management affairs are handled by the and principal assisted by a Public Relations Officer