ITRRODDD has a program of support schemes by which assistance can be rendered to the Institute.


SOCH is proudly leading the way with viable solutions to change packaged drinking water landscape. Our Mantra is to be the BEST, to bring you a new brand of water that allows you to be the best contributor of the society. The combination of the natured flavor, energy & a consciousness delivered makes this water the BEST CHOICE. SOCH is 100% natural with no chemicals, no sugar, no vitamins & no additives. Just pure water & thought. There is a hidden message from the water. That is the people who drink this water can raise consciousness in humanity because there is a cause in SOCH.

It is a self sustainable & dynamic project to release the innate potentials for the development of differently able children of ITRRODDD- Sunethra School for the BLIND.

We pledge to deal fairly, equitably & honestly with disabled by giving highest priority for them for fostering their growth as a contributing member of the society by their self respect, right & by promoting them economically & socially in International market.

SOCH, a perfect combination of processing through 12 staged stringent test, unmatched purity, timeless service & reliability at an affordable price quench your taste with satisfaction.

PRICED: 25% lower than prevailing market rate.

RANGE: For those who expect better of the best.

QUALITY: As immaculate as the best in the market.

PURE PACKAGING: SOCH water is delivered in crystal clear Jars. The jar/ bubble are cased in polythene cover to keep it sparking clean.