The Annadaanam Scheme / Meal Plan Contribution
(a) Special Meal: Rs.5000/-
Lunch Dinner per day for 148 children.
(b) Breakfast Rs. 2500/-



Life Sponsorships: Rs. 1,00,000/-

  • USD 2225
  • Entire life sponsorship for one student including education, clothing , rehabilitation and food .

Child Total Sponsoring: Rs. 10,000/-

  • USD 225
  • One year’s complete sponsorship for one student education, 4 uniforms and food
Uniform Sponsorship Rs: 2,000/-
  • USD 45
  • 4 pairs of uniforms for one child for one year.
Education Sponsorship Rs. 1500/-
  • USD 35
  • One child’s education for one whole year including educational materials


(Please make sure that you collect a receipt for the cash paid. Without a receipt we will be unable to provide the Tax Exemption certificate)
(Cheque or DD in Farvour of "ITRRODDD")

We Request you to be our Ambassador & Support Us To Bulid A Network of Supporters Please Provide The Conact Details Of Any 4 Friends/Family Who Would Like To Support This Program.