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The music band of Sunethra is one of its kinds comprising of exceptionally gifted and talented people. Though they are blind, they undoubtedly conquered the hearts of everyone by spreading love and happiness through their musical genius and left behind thousands of people who have been touched by the magic. Along with their inborn quality to easily connect with musical connotations and the required Amount of motivation from school faculties, these children have established themselves as musician par excellence.

1000 shows old, yet nothing was given to them on a platter. Every show offers new challenges and they have thrived hard to carve a niche for themselves as a brilliant musical band winning accolades and appreciation, wherever they performed in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Every show led to rapturous acclaim for the talented and gifted young ambassadors of Sunethra. These children are not only self-sustained, but are also helping others in time of need. Moreover the band has been working in close collaboration with various government and non-government agencies and has been voluntarily performing in creating awareness on various pressing issues like Polio, HIV & AIDS.