ITRRODDD has a program of support schemes by which assistance can be rendered to the Institute.


ITRRODDD is a non profit voluntary organization and provider of residential assessment and rehabilitation for visually impaired since 1995.

ITTRRODDD is running a special school for visually challenged (blind) at Hyderabad in a congenial atmosphere. All the facilities like education ,lodging,boarding, medical aid ,clothingetc at free of cost. Vocational training ,computer courses,games,sports and other cultural activities are imparted to them as advanced courses to make them self reliant. Apart from these activities ITRRODDD is running a matrimonial bureau exclusively for the disabled to provide an holistic support to them after ensuring their independent capacity of leading life.

ITRRODDD is self reliant and sustained hundereds of disabled by its music and dance academy. It is also running a music band (Sunethra music band which is one of the fund raising source for the welfare of disabled children of the organization.

Every show offer new challenges they have thrive hard to carve a accolades and appreciations, where ever they performed in India. These artists are not only self sufficient but also sustained number of other disabled as this music band is source for them.

A branch was started in bengaluru city to generate employment and create sustainability to the disabled through cultural exposure and vocational trainings. Sunethra’s vocational projects are designed the trainings through which the disabled as a whole develop capabilities to become a useful member in the society. These trainings are given in music, Dance, Computers, Chalkoiece, Paper Plates and Phenyl etc to exhibit the innate potentials.The blind/disabled artists were identified and given appropriate trainings(Vocal ,Instrumental,Dance,Sound Operations etc) to enhance their skills and capabilities.

The purpose of this program is to serve as a mechanism to help disabled people to achieve self confidence, self respect & self determination. But the goal will be completed only when they are self sustained.

So we kindly seek your permission to arrange our music band / concert in your esteemed organization /educational institution or any private function to drive by compassion and foresight ,so that number of disabled can be encouraged and sustained.