ITRRODDD has a program of support schemes by which assistance can be rendered to the Institute.


Sunethra – School for the Blind, situated in Seriguda Village, Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad, is home to 148 Blind children. The School provides free education, medical aid, clothing, boarding and lodging to the inmates. Apart from these, the school also has a unique academic and vocational curriculum that is tailored specifically for the disabled and is replete with self-help skills that are aimed at rehabilitating and empowering disabled children from rural and semi-urban areas. The School provides regular education to children from foundation to 10th grade and hostel facility to students pursuing their higher education also.

He is a science graduate & completed bachelor’s degree in education. His sincere efforts towards disabled have been recognized, lauded & encouraged by many. It is this continuing faith that shows the way forward for the institute. He started services to the disabled with greater vigor & try to diversify its activities to bring larger number of beneficiaries under ITRRODDD s protective umbrella. The initiative, creativity, dedicated spirit & deep desire of Mr. Reddy lead to start an Indian School with Global standards in out skirts of Hyderabad. He has been successful in giving gainful education for the people at rural who are looking at international standards. Stepping forward ahead he started Sunethra products to give 10% of its profits to the service centers run by him. Mr. Reddy is: