ITRRODDD has a program of support schemes by which assistance can be rendered to the Institute.



Sunetra’s pride, and its means of self-generated funds, is its Orchestra Troupe. A band of young musicians whose disability has not come in the way of their talent. And whose innate gift has been honed further by a Director and Music Teacher

The Troupe of about twenty members includes singers, instrumentalists and technicians. While contemporary film-based music is their forte, their expertise also extends to the semi-classical genre. The instruments that are played include tabla, flute, jazz, congos, rhythm pads and keyboard. The School, on its pursuit of professionalism, has invested in its own audio system, operated and maintained by trained technicians

The Troupe has till date performed at more than 500 venues all around the State of Andhra Pradesh, for government functions, corporate events, charity shows , school/ college annual days etc., Sunetra has also been approached to participate in fund raising events.

It was in August, 2002 when little Kankaratnam of St. Anna’s School, Tarnaka, Hyderabad was advised an open heart surgery . Her poor parents could not afford it. On hearing of this , sunetra offered to stage an orchestra show to raise funds for the operation. The funds raised that night helped put the easy smile back on Kankaratnam’s face!

The Institute doesn’t put a value to the performance of its talented musicians. Thu8s far, it is the appreciation and genuine response from the audience that has encouraged the artistes to upgrade their skills every so often, and boosted the frequency of their musical shows

The patronage of art and music lovers will go a long way in aiding the cause of rehabilitating these deserving, special children. And what better than to encourage their conviction in their abilities and their determined, confident step towards self-reliance!